Manufacturing Process of Cladding Pipes

CST(CANGZHOU STEEL PIPE&FITTING CO.,LTD) is specializing in cladding pipeline products.Cladding pipe is one of our best products.But there are two different ways for the cladding pipes.Below is a brief introduction for the process.

Metallurgical Cladding pipes manufacturing process

1.Metallurgical Cladding pipe could adopt hot rolled or explosive cladding methods.But the first step is to clad CRA plate to steel plate,then we could  manufacture plate to cladding pipe like the usual manufacturing process of pipes.

2.For above ways,the cost is high and process complex.The weld overly  cladding is more often used.The CRA material could be welded onto the inner surface of pipes.

manufacturing process of overlay weld cladding pipe

manufacturing process of weld overlay cladding pipe

Finished overlay weld cladding pipe

Finished weld overlay  cladding pipe

Mechanical Cladding/Lined pipe manufacturing methods

For lined pipe is to create through a mechanical bond on the carbon steel pipe. (Put CRA pipe internal to connect to external Carbon steel pipe through mechanical procedures)

Here is one way to manufacture the CRA lined pipe:

Outer Pipe (Backing Steel Pipe) Inspection – Cutting – Machining Backing Steel Pipe – Cleaning Inner Surface – Assembling Inner Alloy Pipe – Hydro forming – Cutting Lined Pipe Ends – Beveling – Welding – Sizing pipe End – Forming – RT – ET & Endoscope – Ultrasonic Test – PT – Measuring Size and Inspection – Marking – Packing

Another bonding process of CRA lined pipe is to use a Full-Length Pipe Expander than to use Hydro-forming machine. (Between two options a Full-Length-Pipe-Expander is better for bonding CRA material for lined pipe)

manufacturing process of Mechanical Cladding/Lined pipe

manufacturing process of Mechanical Cladding/Lined pipe

Finished Mechanical Cladding/Lined pipe

Finished Mechanical Cladding/Lined pipe




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